Checklist For Starting A Flavor Company

1. Define your target market and the product you’ll offer.

2. Research competitors and create a unique selling proposition (USP).

3. Secure funding, if necessary.

4. Develop a business plan that includes objectives, strategies, and tactics to reach them.

5. Choose a business model and legal structure.

6. Select quality ingredients, flavors, and food safety certifications.

7. Source suppliers, manufacturers and packaging options for your product.

8. Set up manufacturing processes and supply chains to get the products to market quickly and efficiently.

9. Establish quality assurance standards to ensure consistent delivery of safe, high-quality products.

10. Create marketing and promotional materials to reach your target market.

11. Develop a pricing strategy that will maximize profits while staying competitive in the flavor industry.

12. Obtain licenses, permits and insurance needed to run a business legally and safely.

13. Find distribution channels for your product.

14. Create customer service policies and procedures to ensure customers are getting exactly what they expect from their purchase.