Checklist For Starting A Distillery: 8 Steps To Successfully Launch Your Spirits Business!

1. Research the Distilling Industry – Understand the basics of distillation, learn about common regulations and laws, research local distilleries to understand market conditions.

2. Create a Business Plan – Establish goals, identify target markets and customers, determine pricing, create an operational budget, identify potential investors and establish a timeline for completion.

3. Select a Location – Choose a suitable space that meets legal requirements for distilling operations.

4. Acquire Necessary Equipment – Invest in equipment such as stills, tanks, kegs, bottles and labeling equipment as well as safety gear such as eye protection and gloves.

5. Select a Recipe – Develop a signature recipe that reflects your tastes and meets legal requirements.

6. Source Ingredients – Find reliable vendors for grain, yeast, water and other ingredients needed to make your spirits.

7. Gain Licensure – Follow local laws and obtain necessary licenses before beginning operations.

8. Market Your Products – Create a marketing plan and develop an online presence as well as other promotional strategies.