Checklist For Starting A Contender Esports Franchise

1. Research the Esports Scene: Understand the landscape of competitive gaming, and what it takes to become an esports organization. Research the different games, genres, platforms, and levels of play that exist in esports today.

2. Set Goals and Objectives: Outline what you hope to achieve with your esports organization. Include short-term and long-term goals, as well as specific objectives that you’ll need to reach in order to get there.

3. Create a Brand: Establish the identity of your organization by creating a logo, developing a website, and crafting a mission statement.

4. Develop a Team: Recruit players, coaches, and staff members who can help make your organization successful. Consider both professional and amateur teams for competitive gaming.

5. Secure Funding: Figure out the resources you need to get started, as well as some additional funds that could help in the future.

6. Find Sponsorships: Reach out to potential sponsors and partners who could provide financial or in-kind support for your organization.

7. Find Venues: Secure locations for tournaments, competitions, and other esports events you’ll be hosting.

8. Market Your Brand: Promote your organization through social media campaigns, partnerships with other organizations, and word of mouth marketing strategies.

9. Develop Strategies: Design strategies that will help you reach your goals, such as recruitment strategies, marketing plans, and competitive gaming strategies.

10. Create an Organizational Structure: Establish a hierarchy within the organization so everyone has clear roles and responsibilities.

11. Assess Your Progress: Track and measure results to see how far you’ve come and what areas need improvement.