Checklist For Starting A Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Business

1. Determine the services you will offer: Decide what type of carpet and upholstery cleaning services you want to offer and make sure your pricing structure fits with your target market.

2. Secure any necessary licenses and permits: Find out if you need any special licenses and permits to operate your business.

3. Research the competition: Take a look at what other carpet and upholstery cleaners in your area are doing, compare pricing structures and services offered.

4. Purchase equipment: You’ll need a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaning machine, brushes, cleaning chemicals, hoses, and other tools.

5. Develop an advertising plan: Think about how you want to advertise your business and create a budget for it.

6. Hire employees or contractors: Decide if you are going to hire employees or contract out some of the work.

7. Establish safety protocols: Make sure you and your employees are following all safety protocols to ensure a safe working environment.

8. Set up bookkeeping: Choose a software that meets your needs and establish filing systems to keep track of customers, payments and other important information.

9. Market your services: Get the word out about your business by distributing flyers, attending local events, and setting up a website.

10. Develop customer satisfaction strategies: Create policies that ensure customers are satisfied with their service and can easily make follow-up appointments.