Checklist For Starting A Camping Supply Store

1. Identify Your Target Customer Base: Research who your target customers are and what camping supplies they need.

2. Research the Competition: Analyze your competition’s prices, selection of products, customer service and online presence.

3. Secure Financing: Figure out how to fund your business; from bank loans to investor capital, there are several ways to raise money.

4. Choose a Business Structure: Decide if you will operate as a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or limited liability company.

5. Register Your Business: Register the name of your business with the appropriate government agency, file the articles of incorporation and obtain a tax ID number.

6. Rent or Purchase Location: Establish a location for your store, including taking care of any necessary paperwork to rent or purchase a space.

7. Source Suppliers: Identify and contact potential suppliers for camping supplies you will need to stock in the store.

8. Market Your Business: Create a website and use various marketing methods to promote your store locally and online.

9. Attract Customers: Advertise your store through local media, word of mouth, in-store events, coupons and other incentives.

10. Hire Employees: Determine how many employees you need for the business and hire qualified candidates.