Checklist For Starting A Bread Bakery

1. Choose a Location – Consider your target market, zoning laws and rent or purchase costs when selecting a location for your bakery.

2. Obtain Licenses and Permits – Depending on the size of the bakery and local regulations, you may need to obtain licenses, permits and certifications.

3. Create a Business Plan – Outline your vision for the bakery, target market, competitive advantages and financial projections in your business plan.

4. Design Your Bakery – Develop a space layout that meets food-safety regulations and allows you to efficiently produce high-quality products.

5. Purchase Equipment – Invest in the right equipment to bake, store and display your products.

6. Hire Employees – Consider the type of people you’ll need to hire, such as bakers, cashiers and delivery personnel.

7. Promote Your Products – Identify the best strategies for marketing your bakery goods, such as through social media, advertisements and special promotions.