Checklist For Starting A Barber Shop

1. Choose an appropriate business name and register it with the applicable government authority.

2. Secure a location for your barber shop that meets all zoning requirements, as well as any of your own personal preferences.

3. Obtain all necessary licenses, permits, and inspections required to start a barber shop in your geographic area.

4. Purchase the necessary equipment for your shop such as chairs, mirrors, clippers, combs, and other styling tools.

5. Stock up on supplies such as aftershave lotion, hair products and other grooming necessities your customers may need.

6. Advertise and promote your barber shop to attract customers.

7. Hire qualified barbers and stylists who are experienced in the trade, and any other personnel you may need such as receptionists, cashiers etc.

8. Set competitive pricing for services that will ensure customer satisfaction and profitability.

9. Develop a customer service policy and ensure that you provide the best experience possible to your customers, every time they visit your shop.

10. Develop systems for tracking customers, ordering supplies and measuring employee performance.

11. Make sure that all employees are properly trained on how to use equipment safely and properly.