Blackberry Dishes – The Star Ingredient!

1. Blackberry-Strawberry Cobbler: This delicious cobbler is a combination of juicy blackberries and sweet strawberries, topped with a golden biscuit topping and baked until bubbly. To make this dish you’ll need fresh blackberries, frozen strawberries, biscuit mix, butter and sugar.

2. Blackberry-Lemon Pound Cake: This zesty pound cake is sure to be a hit! Combining tart lemon zest with sweet blackberries, this unique combination will leave your taste buds tingling. To make the cake you’ll need butter, all-purpose flour, baking powder, sugar, lemon zest, eggs, milk and fresh blackberries.

3. Blackberry-Lime Smoothie: Start your day off with a delicious smoothie! This combination of tart lime juice and sweet blackberries will definitely energize you for the day ahead. To make this smoothie blend together unsweetened vanilla almond milk, Greek yogurt, lime juice, banana and frozen blackberries.

4. Blackberry-Maple French Toast: Make breakfast a little more special with this delicious twist on French toast. To make the dish you’ll need challah bread, blackberries, maple syrup, eggs, whole milk and ground cinnamon. Fry up the French toast until golden and then serve with the sweet blackberries and maple syrup.

5. Blackberry-Vanilla Jam: This jam is a great way to make use of all those beautiful, ripe blackberries! To make this jam you’ll need sugar, fresh lemon juice, vanilla extract, pectin and blackberries. Spread the jam on some toast and enjoy!