A Live Band Checklist: How To Get Started

1. Form a band. Find the right mix of musicians and decide what type of music you want to play.

2. Find a rehearsal space. Choose a place that meets your needs and is comfortable for everyone in the band.

3. Acquire instruments, equipment and sound system. Make sure you have the right equipment for the type of music you play.

4. Create a setlist. Put together a list of songs to begin performing with, including covers and originals.

5. Learn the songs in your setlist. Practice until you have the songs down and are ready to perform.

6. Start booking gigs. Look for opportunities to play in venues or events and get your name out there.

7. Promote yourself online and through word of mouth. Promote upcoming gigs on social media and encourage people to attend.

8. Show up early and prepared for gigs. Give yourself plenty of time to set up and sound check before the show starts.

9. Have a professional attitude. Treat every gig as an important opportunity, even if it’s not well attended.

10. Rehearse regularly. Always stay on top of your game and hone your skills so you’re always ready to perform.

11. Take care of your equipment and instruments. Make sure everything is in good condition before each gig so there are no surprises during performance.

12. Have fun! Enjoy performing with your band and creating music together. You can always learn from every experience and continue to improve as a group.