A Home Inspection Business Checklist: 10 Essential Steps For Starting Your Own Company

1. Develop a business plan – Research the home inspection industry, consider your competition and develop a plan to distinguish yourself from them.

2. Secure financing – Decide if you need outside funding or can finance it out of pocket and then look into grants, loans or other financing options.

3. Choose a business structure – Determine if you want to operate as a sole proprietor, limited liability company (LLC), corporation or partnership.

4. Get insured – Investigate insurance requirements and make sure you are adequately covered against any liabilities that may arise from inspecting homes.

5. Obtain the necessary licenses and certifications – Most states require a state-specific license for home inspectors in addition to any national certification(s) you may need.

6. Purchase equipment – Investigate what types of tools, technology and other essential items you will need for your business by researching existing home inspection businesses in your area.

7. Develop a marketing plan – Research the best advertising channels for your industry and budget to create an effective strategy that will get the word out about your business.

8. Establish relationships with real estate agents, contractors and other professionals – Building a network of contacts in the home inspection industry is essential for gaining new clients and referrals.

9. Create a website – Invest in a professionally designed website to showcase your services, list credentials and provide information on pricing and availability.

10. Set up an accounting system – To ensure your business is profitable, keeping accurate records of all income and expenses will be important for tracking the financial performance of your home inspection business.