A Checklist For Starting A Shoe Store: What To Do Before Opening Your Doors

  • Develop an overall business plan: Establish your store’s mission, services, and goals. Determine the size of the facility you will need, location considerations (including zoning regulations), obtaining necessary permits or licenses, capital investment needs, and other related items that will affect the success of your business.
  • Choose a store name: The right name can help potential customers to quickly understand what you offer, as well as help distinguish your store from competitors.
  • Organize your finances: Calculate how much money you need for start-up costs such as inventory, store fixtures, and other necessary supplies. Create a budget that will help you manage your cash flow and stay on track as you move forward with setup and operations.
  • Research suppliers: Before deciding which vendors to use, research their product selection and pricing as well as delivery times and payment terms. Having an established relationship with your suppliers will allow you to stock your store with the right selection of shoes and accessories more quickly.
  • Set up an online presence: Have a website in place that allows customers to browse your inventory and make purchases. Make sure you have an integrated system set up so that orders are tracked, payment is accepted, and products are shipped promptly.
  • Open for business: Make sure your store is ready with all the necessary supplies, signage, and promotional materials. Train staff on customer service expectations and policies. Create a grand opening event to let everyone know you’re open for business!