5 Creative Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Video Game Company

1. Create an Engaging Social Media Presence – Utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to connect with customers and stay updated on the latest industry trends. You can also use these platforms to share content and announcements about your games, such as screenshots, trailers, and sneak peeks.

2. Leverage Influencers – Reach out to well-known influencers in the gaming industry to get your games some attention from their fans. This could involve offering an exclusive discount code or sending them a copy of your game for free.

3. Create Video Content – Create videos that showcase your games and post them on YouTube or other video streaming services. This content should focus more on the gameplay than anything else, as people are more likely to watch videos that show off the game’s features.

4. Start a Blog – Create a blog dedicated to your company and the games it produces. Not only can you use this blog to inform readers about your games, but it can also be used to share tips and tricks for those playing them.

5. Participate in Gaming Events – Attend gaming conventions and other events related to the industry so that you can get direct feedback from customers. This will help you create a better product while also giving you more exposure at the same time.