5 Creative Marketing Strategies To Help Promote Your Parasailing Business

1. Develop a Solid Online Presence: Having an active website, blog and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) can help you engage with potential customers interested in parasailing. Utilize these platforms to advertise deals, news and customer reviews & testimonials, as well as to share pictures of your business and customers enjoying the parasailing experience.

2. Leverage Local Community Partnerships: Partner with local tourist attractions and summer camps to cross-promote each other’s services. This could mean sharing flyers or offering a discounted package of both businesses’ services. You could also look into becoming a member of the local Chamber of Commerce or other business associations in order to build relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs.

3. Participate in Local Events: Attend trade shows and festivals to speak directly with potential customers, create brand awareness and increase visibility for your business. Set up an attractive booth showcasing your services to draw visitors and hand out business cards, brochures or flyers with coupons.

4. Offer a Referral Program: Encourage current customers to refer your services to their friends and family by offering them discounts for every successful referral. This will help you reach potential customers in an effective manner, as people tend to trust recommendations from those they know personally more than any other type of advertising.

5. Implement Guerrilla Marketing Strategies: Utilize creative, low-cost ways to spread the word about your business, such as sidewalk chalk art or sticker campaigns. You can also partner with local influencers or bloggers who have an audience in your target demographic and offer them a free parasailing experience in exchange for a post or review.