5 Creative Marketing Strategies For Your Custom Car Shop

1. Create an Online Presence – Establish a website and social media accounts to advertise your custom car shop, build relationships with potential customers, and create a buzz around your services. Do not forget to optimize your webpages for search engine optimization (SEO) so you can be easily found online.

2. Utilize Networking Opportunities – Join your local Chamber of Commerce or other professional networking groups and attend their events, tradeshows, and seminars to spread the word about your carshop. Here you’ll have the chance to meet potential customers face-to-face, hand out business cards, and even participate in giveaways or freebies.

3. Advertise in Local Publications – Advertise your custom car shop in local newspapers, magazines, and other publications to reach a wider audience of potential customers. Make sure you add some interesting stories about your services and cars to get more attention from readers.

4. Develop an Email Newsletter – Create a monthly email newsletter and include information about your shop, new car models, special offers, and fun facts. Then send it out to potential customers who have signed up to receive your emails.

5. Offer Discounts & Promotions – Offer discounts or promotional codes for first-time customers or those who share their experiences with your custom car shop online. This will encourage them to come back and help you attract more customers in the future.