Calculator: How Many Walking Steps You Need To Lose 1 Lb

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Steps to Lose 1 lb Calculator

This calculator uses the Harris-Benedict equations to calculate the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) based on user’s gender, height, weight and age. Once BMR is calculated, it will then be multiplied by 1.2 to determine the daily calorie needs for maintaining user’s current weight. Next, it’ll use a common rule of thumb that a person needs to burn 3500 calories to lose 1 lb, and it will use caloriesPerLb to find out how many miles user need to walk to lose 1 lb. As a last step it converts miles to steps. The final result will be rounded off to the nearest whole number and displayed in the “result” paragraph. It should work well as a proof of concept for you but note that this is a rough estimate and doesn’t take into account many other factors like lean muscle mass, activity level, body composition, and individual metabolism, etc. Also, It doesn’t consider progressive weight loss, where the body adapts to calories loss and require more effort to lose weight over time.