The Main Ingredient Of The Dish: Armenian Cucumber

Armenian cucumbers are a uniquely flavorful and juicy variety of cucumber that is widely used in Armenian cuisine. It’s an essential ingredient in many recipes that bring out the best of its unique texture and flavor. Here are five delicious dishes where Armenian cucumber is the star of the dish.

1. Dolma: This popular Armenian dish consists of grape leaves or cabbage leaves stuffed with a combination of Armenian cucumber, onion, garlic, herbs, spices and rice. It’s often served as an appetizer.

2. Tabbouleh: A classic Middle Eastern salad made with a mix of finely chopped Armenian cucumbers, parsley, mint, onions, tomatoes and bulgur wheat. It’s drizzled with lemon juice and seasoned with salt and pepper.

3. Hummus: A creamy dip made from mashed cooked garbanzo beans, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. Armenian cucumber can be added to give it extra crunch.

4. Cucumber Salad: This traditional Armenian side dish is made with sliced Armenian cucumbers, onions and tomatoes that are lightly seasoned with dill, garlic and olive oil.

5. Yogurt Soup: An easy-to-make soup made of yogurt and Armenian cucumber, garlic and herbs to give it a unique flavor. It’s often served cold or at room temperature.