Pros And Cons Of Starting A Reiki Business


• A Reiki business can be started with minimal effort, as there is no need for special permits or certifications.

• Reiki treatments are non-invasive, making the practice accessible to many individuals who cannot receive other forms of massage.

• Clients may experience a holistic sense of wellbeing, which is not only beneficial to them but is also emotionally rewarding for the practitioner.

• There are many opportunities to expand your practice and business through marketing, networking, and developing relationships with other health professionals.

• Reiki treatments can be adapted to the individual needs of clients.


• Reiki is not typically covered by health insurance plans and therefore must be paid out of pocket by the client.

• Reiki practitioners need to develop trust with their clients, which can take time and effort.

• As there are no standard requirements for certification or licensure, it is difficult to differentiate between qualified and unqualified practitioners.

• Reiki is not a medical treatment and therefore should not be used as a substitute for professional advice from doctors or other health professionals.

• Setting up and running a Reiki business can require significant time, effort, and financial investment.