Pros And Cons Of Starting A Litter Removal Business


1. Low startup costs– The startup costs for a litter removal business are relatively low. This makes it an attractive option for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business.

2. Fulfilling work – Cleaning up litter is hard work, but it can be satisfying to help the environment and make a difference in your community.

3. Flexible hours – A litter removal business can be operated at any time of day or night, giving you the flexibility to choose when you want to work.


1. Invasive nature – Litter picking is an intrusive activity and can be an unpleasant prospect for some.

2. Weather conditions – Working outside in all weathers can be tough and uncomfortable, particularly during winter months.

3. Unseen dangers – When picking up litter, you put yourself at risk of coming into contact with hazardous materials or sharp objects. Proper training and protective gear are essential for the safe removal of litter.

4. Unpredictable income – Depending on the area you operate in and the amount of litter that is present, your income can be unpredictable. It may take time to establish yourself as a reputable service provider before you start to see regular customers.