Pros And Cons Of Starting A Golf Coach Business


1. Flexible working hours – As a golf coach, you can structure your own schedule to fit your lifestyle. You can choose when and where to offer lessons, allowing for maximum flexibility.

2. Rewarding career – Helping others improve their golf game can be very rewarding. You’ll have the joy of seeing your pupils improve, which will make you feel great satisfaction.

3. Entrepreneurial skills – Running a golf coaching business requires a variety of entrepreneurial and business skills in order to be successful. From setting up online scheduling systems to marketing yourself as a golf coach, it’s a great way to develop your skillset.


1. Long hours – Depending on the demand for your coaching services, you may have to work long hours in order to accommodate everyone who wants lessons from you.

2. Costs – Starting up a golf coach business requires some upfront costs such as buying equipment, renting space, and advertising your services.

3. Location dependent – It can be difficult to attract clients if you’re based in a rural location with no golf courses nearby. You may have to travel further to offer lessons and this can be time consuming and expensive.