Pros And Cons Of Starting A Dried Flower Business


• Low Start-Up Costs – Purchasing materials for dried flower arrangements is relatively inexpensive. Even if you choose to invest in additional equipment like a dehydrator, these costs can be offset by selling the items online or at local craft shows.

• Flexible Hours – Working your own hours is a key benefit of owning a dried flower business. You can create and post arrangements when it fits into your schedule, allowing you to work around other obligations.

• Creative Outlet – Creating unique designs from dried flowers provides an opportunity for you to express yourself creatively. Many dried flowers are also long-lasting, which allows your customers to enjoy the arrangements you create.


• Limited Market – While dried flower arrangements are growing in popularity, there is still a relatively limited market compared to other business ideas. You must educate potential customers on the benefits of purchasing your arrangements and build an audience that appreciates them.

• Seasonal – Depending on your location and the types of flowers you offer, you may have to limit your business operations during certain months or seasons. Dried flower arrangements tend to be more popular in autumn and winter, when fewer fresh flowers are available.

• Time-Consuming – Creating dried flower arrangements requires patience and skill. The drying process is also time-consuming, as some flowers take weeks to dry completely. You must be willing to dedicate the necessary time and effort to create and package your arrangements in order for them to look their best.