Pros And Cons Of Starting A Big & Tall Store

Starting a retail business is no small task. For those who are interested in selling clothing to plus-sized customers, the challenge can be even greater. Here is an overview of the pros and cons of starting a Big & Tall store:


1. Establishing a niche: By focusing on plus-sized clothing, you could establish yourself as an expert in this area and gain a loyal customer base.

2. Increased revenue potential: Since there is little competition in the market, you can potentially have higher profit margins than most other retail stores.

3. Access to suppliers: Many suppliers currently offer clothing lines for plus-sized customers, so you can access a wide variety of styles and sizes to meet the needs of your customers.


1. Limited size selection: Depending on the supplier, you may not be able to acquire all the sizes that are requested by your customers.

2. Cost of inventory: Plus-sized clothing and accessories typically cost more than standard sizes, so you may have to charge higher prices for them.

3. Low foot traffic: Since this is a niche market, there may not be as much foot traffic in your store as other retailers with broader appeal.