Poem About Miniature Dollhouse.

A tiny house there before me,

In a world so small and complete.

The walls of the dollhouse, so intricate and unique,

That it makes my heart skip a beat.

The furniture inside all so petite,

It’s truly an amazing sight.

From the kitchen to the living room,

It all looks so very right.

The windows, so small and thin,

Letting in the sun’s golden light.

The stairs lined up with little trinkets,

Making it a delight.

So much care and detail went into this house,

A hidden beauty for sure.

And it’s enough to take your breath away,

As you stand back and admire.

A thing of beauty so small,

It was worth all the hard work.

This miniature dollhouse is complete,

No more repairs or tasks are left to be done.

So if you ever need a break,

From the hustle and bustle of life.

Take a moment to observe this tiny masterpiece,

And you’ll get some peace of mind.