Poem About Dream Catcher Necklace.

My dream catcher necklace, so delicate and fair,

It hangs from my neck like a beauty beyond compare.

My dreams fly away on the soft summer breeze,

The web catches them all, with ease.

The beads that dangle down in shades of blue and green,

Shine in the sunlight so serene.

I know they’ll protect me while I sleep at night,

And all my worries will take flight.

My dream catcher necklace is a symbol of love,

It’s a reminder of the strength that comes from above.

In life there are many bumps and bruises along the way,

But this necklace serves to remind us each day.

That no matter what comes our way,

We can make it through another day.

My dream catcher necklace will always be there,

Catching my dreams with love and care.