Poem About Custom Neon Sign

A glowing beacon in the night,

The custom neon sign so bright.

Its colors shining like a star,

A special touch from near or far.

It marks the spot to gather round,

And talk of days that can be found.

Where food and drinks will keep us fed,

Until our friendship is fed.

A warm embrace for weary souls,

As our laughter fills the night’s coal.

A special moment to remember,

Neon’s glow that we can’t sever.

From family gatherings to cozy cafes,

The neon sign works in many ways.

It’s a beacon of joy and light,

When you need to make things right.

So when your night needs a spark,

Go see the custom neon sign in the dark!

You’ll be surrounded by peace and bliss,

And all the neon’s beauty you won’t miss.

Your story is written in neon lights,

Where it will forever shine bright!

So keep the custom sign for life,

And never let its light die.