Poem About Amethyst Eternity Band.

An Amethyst eternity band,

So beautiful and grand.

It’s an exquisite sight,

So full of delight.

The stone is radiant with hues,

A purple so deep it shines true.

Symbolising love that will last a lifetime,

It brings joy and peace to all who are in sight.

The ring has no beginning or end,

An eternity of beauty that will never bend.

It’s a reminder of your special bond,

A precious treasure you can keep beyond.

The amethyst is said to protect and empower,

Bringing joy and good vibes for hours and hours.

It’s a symbol of the love you share,

A reminder of your bond that will never tear.

So wear it through life’s ups and downs,

It will bring bliss and make no sound.

An eternity band of Amethyst gleam,

The perfect way to show your love is a dream.‚Äč