Example Cover Letter – Professor – Medical Ethics

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to apply for the position of Professor of Medical Ethics, as listed on your website. With a strong background in medical ethics and research, I believe I have what it takes to be a successful addition to your faculty.

I have three years of experience teaching medical ethics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and I am currently completing my Ph.D. in Medical Ethics from Harvard University. In addition to academic credentials, I also hold a Master’s Degree in Bioethics from Johns Hopkins University.

I am an extremely organized and detail-oriented individual with the ability to create engaging, thought-provoking learning experiences for all levels of students. In my past teaching positions, I have developed and implemented curriculum that fosters critical thinking skills while also taking into account the diverse backgrounds and experiences of my students. I believe this makes me an ideal candidate for your Professor of Medical Ethics position.

I am confident that my teaching and research experience, combined with my enthusiasm for medical ethics, make me an ideal fit for this role. I look forward to discussing the position and my qualifications in more detail.


Your Name