Checklist For Starting A Helicopter Tour Business

1. Research Market: Understand the demand in your area and research any existing helicopter tour businesses.

2. Write a Business Plan: Create a plan that covers operations, marketing and financials.

3. Get Financing: Secure financing to purchase helicopters and any necessary equipment.

4. Hire Staff: Look for experienced pilots and tour guides to staff your business.

5. Obtain Licenses and Permits: Research the regulations and any licenses or permits you may need to operate a helicopter tour business in your area.

6. Promote Your Business: Use advertising, social media, and other marketing strategies to make people aware of your business.

7. Develop Safety Protocols: Create safety protocols for employees and customers, such as training procedures and emergency plans.

8. Purchase Equipment: Invest in helicopters, GPS systems, radios, headsets and other necessary equipment.

9. Set Prices: Determine pricing that will cover your costs while turning a profit.

10. Monitor Quality: Ensure that you are offering the best possible service to customers and make any necessary improvements.

11. Evaluate Results: Track the success of your business by monitoring customer satisfaction, financial performance, and other metrics.

12. Expand Your Business: Identify opportunities to grow your business, such as adding new services or expanding into new markets.