Checklist For Starting A Burial At Sea Service

1. Obtain a Burial at Sea Permit – Contact your local coast guard or state water regulatory agency to obtain the required permit.

2. Find an Available Vessel – Contact a charter boat, yacht club ,or other vessel owner to locate an appropriate boat for the service.

3. Secure a Body – Contact a funeral home in your area to arrange for the cremated remains of your loved one to be delivered prior to the burial at sea service.

4. Prepare Remains and Casket – Place all paperwork, prayer cards, and other items that will be sent with the body into an urn or casket to be placed onboard the vessel for the burial at sea service.

5. Plan a Service – Select readings, prayers, and other elements that will make up the ceremony prior to the burial at sea service.

6. Prepare Guests and Crew – Provide guests with clear instructions on where to board the vessel and be sure to brief any crew members on the burial at sea service ahead of time to ensure that all parties are aware of what will be taking place.

7. Celebrate Life – During the burial at sea ceremony, take a moment to honor and celebrate your loved one’s life before they are laid to rest in the ocean depths.